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With a little help from my friends..

If you are having some concerns about a friend, we hope that our advice below can help you support your friend in different types of bullying situations.

My friend isn't themselves lately...

Is your friend acting out of character?

Have they lost their bubbly personality and sense of humour?

If so, this may be cause for concern.

We hope our top tips can help both you and your friend...

Tell them that you have noticed a change in their mood, there is a high possibility that they may deny this. We know you care, but try your best not to get defensive. Although you have noticed a change in their personality, try to keep things similar to how they used to be. They may not want a fuss to be made.

There are many possible reasons for their change in behaviour; bullying, problems at home, decrease in grades.

*Express your concerns with a trusted adult/teacher (it is quite likely that they are already aware).

Explain that this change of behaviour is out of character for them.Bring up the good times; show them photos of birthdays, nights out, school trips etc. Ask them about the future (near and further ahead). Ask them are they looking forward to; their favourite show returning to TV, the match at the weekend, the end of year trip, etc .

You are showing them that there are some fantastic memories to look back upon, but also that they have an exciting future ahead.

* There may be a certain time of the day that their mood is the worst; after a certain class, first thing in the morning coming in to school. Explain this to a trusted adult/teacher and they may be able to help you pinpoint the source of your friend's change of character.

Above all else, show them that like before you have (and will always have) their back. Sometimes it makes all the difference to be reassured of this.


It IS important to look after your own wellbeing, focus on the positives in your own life, ensure that YOU are okay before helping others. 

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