• Anita Dennison

It's not as easy as people say...

Every news channel, paper, social media platform is absolutely full of scaremongering posts about Covid-19. The number of very unfortunate casualties seem to be increasing on a daily basis, with different sources quoting different numbers. One thing we are all sure of is that it has changed the world we once knew.

The closed shutters of shops which were filled with people buying gifts and treats to get them through the busy working week.

The "closed for business" sign on doors of the bars and restaurants which were once filled with joyous people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and football matches.

Life has definitely changed for all of us.

This invisible, unexpected virus has taken away the freedom we once had in order to do our own thing whenever we liked.

Being told to stay in doors in order to decrease the spread of this virus and to protect our countries health services in order to save the lives of our communities has taken its toll on many of us.

I see many posts on social media sites "Just stay inside it's easy",I understand that we all want to make this seem as simple as possible but that is far from the truth.

Many busy men, women and children who would go to work or school on a daily basis have had their routines taken away. For many of us our routine is what is crucial to our positive mental wellbeing. Filled diaries keep many of us alive and working towards that next deadline, birthday party, wedding or even holiday. To wake up and not know when you will get your normality back is not easy for any of us, especially those that need that certainty of being in such a place by a certain time.

Many of us who do not live with partners, parents will have strain on their relationships. Even those that do live with their nearest and dearest may not be used to this idea of never getting their alone time or having their own space to vent, or even simply breathe.

By no means am I saying that we should disrespect the voices of our governments, as they are doing their best in a very uncertain and scary situation. Our keyworkers, from those working in the local shop, to the warehouse, to those saving lives on the front line and those on the other end of the phone who will simply talk when all you need is a new voice to hear. We are all doing our bit to protect our communities, but please do not say that this is easy. Many of us have had several breakdowns already at the prospect of losing a relationship due to the crazy struggle to keep up spirits in this very negative time in our world. There is only so much Skype calls we can have as a society before we run out of scaremongering statistics to talk about. Please please respect everyone right now, those that may not be working are facing their very own struggles trying to keep their head up, fighting to get out of bed when they don't see the point in getting up to watch another Netflix show. Those that are working in our society are facing the biggest struggle of all and you have my upmost respect. I would give the world to talk about a movie due to be out, or walk down the street for some window shopping or simply having a laugh with a friend over coffee, but unless we all do our best to keep ourselves in doors in these very challenging times, those simple tasks will seem forever out of reach.

Britain and the world, please talk to each other, try to normalise your conversations as much as possible, I don't know about all of you but the majority of my Facetimes and Skype calls are about the facts and figures of this horrible virus. Starting from today, talk about Tiger King, Disney +, uni assignments, ANYthing other than this uncertain world we live in right now, our world deserves some sort of normality in the midst of all this uncertainty and scary times we are living in.

Thank you for reading, and I understand that this is by no means easy, but unfortunately it is by all means necessary and I'm here to talk if you want some sort of normality back in your world at the minute.

Anita x

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