Stand Up & Speak Out

"New Year, New Me"

The amount of people I see writing on social media, "New year, new me", every year is unbelievable. I have one question; why do you want to or need to change yourself? 

Perhaps you would ike to be more confident, in better shape, or have a more positive mindset? Brilliant! You do not need to change your amazing self in order to do any of that. "How?" I hear many people ask. "If I want to lose weight, I will be a changed person". Physically you will be different, but you and your personality will ultimately stay the same. Please do not lose sight of who you are just to follow a trend that we have all been following for years on end. The amount of times that we as a society reiterate this phrase every year we would be completely different people numerous times over. 

The whole point of a new year's resolution is not for you to create a different character or persona for 12 months in order for people to form their opinions on. It is for you to find your feet in a different way; it is for you to write your new year book full of different chapters; new characters, new locations, new heartache, new romance. With every month of 2018 be sure to write the chapters of your very own bestseller! 

If you want to drop a few pounds, ditch the cigarettes or become more confident; keep a diary account of your steps, your incredible journey. Do not be afraid to record days that did not go to plan, this just means that when you look back at your year you will see that you did not give up when times got tough, you carried on and achieved your goals!

My top tips on how to achieve your 2018 goals:

No matter what your goals may be, it is important to visualise it.

  • If you want to drop a few pounds to fit into an outfit, pin a picture of it to your wall and lookout it every morning when you get up.
  • If you want to cut down on the cigarettes; put a picture of your ideal getaway or treat as your screensaver on your phone or computer. So you know that by ditching them you will have extra money to treat yourself.

Have a plan; mind-maps are great for this!
  • You have your start date, January 1st 2018 and your end date, December 31st 2018.  It is entirely up to you the steps you take in order to get to that end date. 
  • It could be that you take a 30 minute walk 3 times a week as your first step and then increase this as you deem necessary.

Do not be disheartened by celebrity diets and dramatic weight losses.
  • Celebrities have personal trainers and dieticians to put them through their paces on a daily basis.
  • Their portrayal in glam mags is never 100% accurate. No matter how much weight they lose or gain, the media will nip and tuck their bodies which is entirely unnatural. 

We are only as good as the backing that we have. I know many of you may want to be independent and do this alone, but believe me, the most successful people in the world need a helping hand every now and again, learn from people‚Äôs experiences, ask for advice/tips.

Remember; life is a learning curve, do not be afraid to go along for the ride.