Stand Up & Speak Out

As well as running this website, I also run my campaign through my Twitter page @bully_dont. If you or a family member or friend ever need support, or maybe just someone to talk to in an hour of need- I am here for you 24/7. #StayStrong #KeepFighting

If you would prefer to email us, you can do so at [email protected]

Anita :) xx

On the left hand side you will see some photos. These are some proof of how one can come through a negative experience with a positive outlook. If I can YOU CAN also!!

These amazing people include;

David Grant (Singer, and TV presenter) presenting me with my Diana Award

Adam Garcia (actor)

Lola Saunders (singer)

Tessy Ojo (CEO of the Diana Award)

John O'Dowd ( Former Education Minister NI)

Jordan O'Keefe (Singer and Anti-Bullying ambassador)

Vinny Hurrell (Radio presenter and producer)

Yvette Shapiro and Paul Clark  (TV/News presenters)

Wayne Denner (Online Reputation Speaker)

I owe all these amazing people so much for helping me promote and share my experience in order to help others. Thank you!