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Youth Work Works

Posted by anitadennison2k9 on April 9, 2017 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Recently I have noticed that you have started to take away services that our young people use on a daily basis. Just in case you didn't know, you are not just taking away buildings, organisations, youth groups but in fact, you are taking away families, communities but most of all, lifelines.

Youth groups and community centres may not make our communities much money, but they change the lives of our young people. They give our future generation the opportunity to mould into confident young men and women. By taking away our youth groups, cutting the funding for experienced youth workers you are in fact harming your own government; as these young people with support and training can go on to become our country's leading doctors, teachers, leaders, politicians. The decisions you make and the changes you implement now WILL impact the future of our country, for you it may feel like a great decision but if these young people don't have youth groups to attend what do they have? How do young people escape the school bullying? The online torment? The abuse at home? How else will they take a break from caring for their terminally ill parent, their disabled sibling who needs their help constantly?

For all you know youth work was the way out of a drug addiction, an abusive relationship, or the turning point in their struggle with a mental illness. Youth work isn't just a few hours a week of guidance and support, but in fact a learning curve, an experience that needs to be experienced by those that need it most!

Your current crisis has impacted our health system, there is already too much pressure being put upon our A&E doctors and nurses. You may ask what has this got to do with taking funding off of our youth groups? Well, for the young individual who abused drugs before finding their local youth group, if that support network collapses, they may become dependent on drugs again because they feel unwanted, as though there isn't a future for them, resulting in increased, unnecessary pressures on our already debilitating health system that may soon need its own resuscitation.

Councillors, politicians, MLAs in Stormont, please stop taking funding away from our youth, the future of our country, to cover up the fact that you are lost. To cover up the fact that you are driving down a dark road with no headlights nor satnav. Stop taking your frustrations out on the people that will turn this country around! Instead, get your act together and support our young people, give them something worth staying for in this country, give them some sort of direction, some sort of hope, because right now all we are getting is punishment, and for what? Please, I beg of you go around one youth group one night a week in any area across the north and I will assure you that you will see happiness, comradery; you will hear laughter and jokes. Take away their funding and you take away their chance of a better life, their chance of happiness, their chance to be themselves.


A frustrated young activist who will keep fighting for future generations even when you fail to do so!

#LoveYourSelfie guest blog (Jasmine Marie)

Posted by anitadennison2k9 on June 1, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Being confident about how you look is important. It can raise your confidence level and boost your self-esteem. If all of of us were confident with how we look, we would be much more happier. I, myself, have looked down on myself and pointed out all of my flaws. Being confident means looking at ourselves in the mirror and putting a smile on our face. Being confident means going out in the world being who we were born to be. Being confident means not giving a care about what other people think about us. Confidence plays a huge role in all our lives. For example, you walk into your homeroom classroom and you’re about to give a speech about history, you’re real nervous, your hands can’t stop shaking but you have a smile on your face, that’s confidence. If we all had more confidence in ourselves, we would feel good about ourselves.


Photoshop can have a massive impact on the way we perceive ourselves. Celebrities can have a huge impact on us with photoshopping themselves to make them look skinny, more beautiful, their teeth to be perfect and so much more. We have gotten to the point where we look at ourselves and think “I am ugly. I need to change this about me.” So we photoshop that part of our pictures. We shouldn’t be spending time on photoshopping our pictures because we don’t look like how we wanted ourselves to be. I always say “we are born the way God made us and he picked us to be with the family we have today.” We should look at ourselves in the mirror and say, I love that about me.


Have you ever looked in the mirror or after taking a picture and thinking about all the negative things about you? We all have. I’m guilty of it as well. Don’t look at the negative side of things about yourself. Look at yourself & give compliments about you. We all tend to think about all the negative things about ourselves. So from now on, I challenge you to lat at the positive side of things and give yourself compliments. It’s time we embrace all our flaws & think positive. Don’t judge yourself about how you look; your weight; your hair color; your skin; your eyes; your clothes; none of that. Look at the bright side of things. And I challenge you to tell someone positive things. NOW, go make someone’s day.