Stand Up & Speak Out

Above there are 3 links of me sharing advice on positivity on the radio. Take it from me "It helps to talk!" So start talking!

What to do if you are being bullied?

Unfortunately bullying is something that can affect many of us on a daily basis, more than 160,000 young people are bullied each day. I am sure that you are in agreement with me when I say that, "I dream of a day when this figure is only a single digit or no digit at all."

Some advice on how you CAN overcome bullying and how to stay true to your amazing self:

  • Being bullied can leave you feeling useless, as if you aren't good enough for anything or anyone.. You ARE good enough!! This is hard to realise, but I promise you are!
  • I know that this is such a negative experience but you need to understand that things haven't always been this way. Look back at the positive things in your life (very difficult I know) for example: awards you have won, exam results, birth of a sibling/child, getting your dream job. You CAN do this by glancing at photos, family members, trophies and embracing that positive feeling you once felt.

Take this small positive step forward in what IS the right direction!

You have support!

  • There are many people out there who want to see you happy and succeed, be strong for them and for yourself!
  • Bullying is NOT your fault, please don't blame yourself.
  • Understand your true talents. Realise how much of an amazing person you truly are. Gain that small bit of confidence to confide in someone you trust. I promise you, they WILL understand.

A problem shared IS a problem halved

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Advice for parents

  • Listen to your child without getting angry or upset (human reaction to protect our loved ones) children are more open when they see that their loved ones aren't getting upset.
  • Ask them how they would like this situation brought forward, give them control. Put them in the driving seat.
  • Constantly reassure your child that it is NOT their fault.
  • Encourage your child to be themselves at all times. Try role play in order to get your child to feel confident within their own skin again.
  • Constantly reassure them that you ARE THERE. Might seem like nothing but this has such a vital importance to many people out there.

If you or someone you know is feeling low, upset, or suicidal there is also support through 

Lifeline 0808 808 8000 (NI only)

Childline: help and support for young people and their families (UK). 

0800 1111


Anita, (@bully_dont) xx